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    E svela i drammi umani di un conflitto che per più di quarant'anni ha diviso il mondo. The new Meyrin crè che takes its first steps. For many years, the Staff Association has supported the demand for the creation of a crè che for the children of CERN staff.

    Several studies have been carried out without leading to a concrete plan. The fact that the CERN population is getting younger and the shortage of local facilities have led to a more urgent demand for this type of social service over the past few years. Furthermore, the Equal Opportunities Panel had already recommended that crè che places be made available.

    Crè che and School: Open Day on Saturday, 3 March. Please sign up for one of the two sessions via Doodle before Wednesday 28 February Il fantasma dell'universo che cos'è il neutrino. Ben prima della luce, a un decimillesimo di secondo dal Big Bang, i neutrini sono apparsi nell'universo.

    Dopo un secondo il brodo primordiale si era raffreddato abbastanza da consentire loro di muoversi liberi e ancora oggi, dopo quasi quattordici miliardi di anni, sono numerosissimi.

    Ma che cosa sono i neutrini? Elusivi come fantasmi, camaleontici, viaggiano indenni attraverso la materia arrivando dritti sino a noi dagli angoli più remoti e nascosti dell'universo. Per saperne di più seguiremo i fisici che li studiano in laboratori sotterranei o in luoghi estremi come i ghiacciai polari o le profondità marine. Trent'anni che sconvolsero la fisica la storia della teoria dei quanti.

    Gli anni dal al hanno portato un profondo mutamento nella visione che l'uomo aveva dell'universo: Dirac nel , corre un periodo di emozionanti progressi nel campo della fisica teorica. Writing " Che " Writing: Apocryphal Diaries and the Deconstruction of Guevara's Myth. Ernesto " Che " Guevara's iconic photograph has taken on mythical proportions since his death. Though his image has ironically been exploited by the apparatus of capitalism against which he fought, his translation into a symbol has assured that his foothold within popular culture remains largely unassailable.

    While recent films and…. It was shown that, despite the low homology with Che W prototypes from intestinal bacteria, these proteins didn't cause metabolic overload and were well expressed by cells of E. We have discovered a broad spectrum of industrial valuable properties of the Tpe Che W-mut protein such as stability in a wide range of temperatures and pH, high expression level, solubility and possibility of the application of a simple low-stage purification methodology with the use of preliminary heat treatment.

    Possible directions of the scientific and industrial application of this protein were claimed. Site-specific and synergistic stimulation of methylation on the bacterial chemotaxis receptor Tsr by serine and Che W.

    Full Text Available Abstract Background Specific glutamates in the methyl-accepting chemotaxis proteins MCPs of Escherichia coli are modified during sensory adaptation. Attractants that bind to MCPs are known to increase the rate of receptor modification, as with serine and the serine receptor Tsr, which contributes to an increase in the steady-state adapted methylation level. However, MCPs form ternary complexes with two cytoplasmic signaling proteins, the kinase Che A and an adaptor protein Che W, but their influences on receptor methylation are unknown.

    Here, the influence of Che W on the rate of Tsr methylation has been studied to identify contributions to the process of adaptation. Results Methyl group incorporation was measured in a series of membrane samples in which the Tsr molecules were engineered to have one available methyl-accepting glutamate residue , , or The relative rates at these sites 0. The addition of Che W generated unexpectedly large and site-specific rate increases, equal to or larger than the increases produced by serine.

    The rate increases were even larger when serine and Che W were added together, larger than the sums of the increases produced by serine and Che W added separately except site four. This resulted in substantially larger serine-stimulated increases when Che W was present.

    Also, Che W enhanced methylation rates when either two or all four sites were available. Conclusion The increase in the rate of receptor methylation upon Che W binding contributes significantly to the ligand specificity and kinetics of sensory adaptation. The synergistic effect of. Once again, the Open Day was a great success and brought together more than 50 families for two information sessions, which included: At the end of the visit, parents were invited for a drink.

    This was an opportunity for both parents and professionals to have interesting discussions regarding the general conditions of the establishment and the pedagogical approach applied in the crè che and the school.

    The management team was delighted to offer the parents the opportunity to participate in this event, where everyone could express their views, ask questions and find answers in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Sulle ipotesi che stanno alla base della geometria e altri scritti scientifici e filosofici. Il volume raccoglie, oltre al testo della lezione del che dà il titolo all'opera, alcuni scritti di carattere scientifico e filosofico di Riemann.

    A saggi di argomento scientifico si affiancano scritti di argomento più direttamente metodologico. La concezione della scienza che ci viene offerta da questi scritti è assai significativa del personaggio e della sua epoca.

    Per Riemann la matematica non è un mero strumento esteriore da applicare, appunto dall'esterno, ai fenomeni. Al contrario, essa consente di spingersi con il rigore necessario oltre alla superficie dei fenomeni e di penetrare sempre più a fondo nella realtà, nell'ottica di un sistema unitario e quasi metafisico del sapere scientifico.

    La macchina che cerca Dio. Nasce LHC forse scoprira' Higgs elusiva particella della creazione. Full Text Available La lingua filmata appare oggi uno dei campi linguistici in cui il dialetto torna ad essere scelta registica e veicolo di nuove istanze comunicative, in stretta relazione con un nuovo modo di intendere e praticare il cinema.

    Through careful analysis of the vernacular, the paper focuses on the motivations and the communicative effectiveness of the use of dialect and questions the degree of realism or linguistic mimesis that Diritti was able to reach. The Pseudomonas aeruginosa chemotaxis methyltransferase Che R1 impacts on bacterial surface sampling. Full Text Available The characterization of factors contributing to the formation and development of surface-associated bacterial communities known as biofilms has become an area of intense interest since biofilms have a major impact on human health, the environment and industry.

    Various studies have demonstrated that motility, including swimming, swarming and twitching, seems to play an important role in the surface colonization and establishment of structured biofilms. Thereby, the impact of chemotaxis on biofilm formation has been less intensively studied.

    Pseudomonas aeruginosa has a very complex chemosensory system with two Che systems implicated in flagella-mediated motility. In this study, we demonstrate that the chemotaxis protein Che R1 is a methyltransferase that binds S-adenosylmethionine and transfers a methyl group from this methyl donor to the chemoreceptor PctA, an activity which can be stimulated by the attractant serine but not by glutamine.

    We furthermore demonstrate that Che R1 does not only play a role in flagella-mediated chemotaxis but that its activity is essential for the formation and maintenance of bacterial biofilm structures.

    We propose a model in which motility and chemotaxis impact on initial attachment processes, dispersion and reattachment and increase the efficiency and frequency of surface sampling in P.

    Che W signaling complex defines overlapping binding sites and key residue interactions within bacterial chemosensory arrays. Bacterial chemosensory arrays are composed of extended networks of chemoreceptors also known as methyl-accepting chemotaxis proteins, MCPs , the histidine kinase Che A, and the adaptor protein Che W. Models of these arrays have been developed from cryoelectron microscopy, crystal structures of binary and ternary complexes, NMR spectroscopy, mutational, data and biochemical studies.

    As in a previous 4. The interface between P5 subdomain 1 and Che W subdomain 2 was anticipated from previous studies, whereas the related interface between Che W subdomain 1 and P5 subdomain 2 has only been observed in these ring assemblies.

    P5 and Che W each bind a receptor helix with a groove of conserved hydrophobic residues between subdomains 1 and 2. P5 binds the receptor helix N-terminal to the tip region lower site , whereas Che W binds the same helix with inverted polarity near the bundle end upper site.

    Sequence comparisons among different evolutionary classes of chemotaxis proteins show that the binding partners undergo correlated changes at key residue positions that involve the lower site. Such evolutionary analyses argue that both Che W and P5 bind to the receptor tip at overlapping positions. Chemotaxis is the movement of cells in response to gradients of diverse chemical cues.

    Motile bacteria utilize a conserved chemotaxis signal transduction system to bias their motility and navigate through a gradient. A central regulator of chemotaxis is the histidine kinase Che A. This cytoplasmic protein interacts with membrane-bound receptors, which assemble into large polar arrays, to propagate the signal.

    In the alphaproteobacterium Azospirillum brasilense , Che 1 controls transient increases in swimming speed during chemotaxis, but it also biases the cell length at division.

    However, the exact underlying molecular mechanisms for Che 1-dependent control of multiple cellular behaviors are not known. Here, we identify specific domains of the Che A1 histidine kinase implicated in modulating each of these functions. We show that Che A1 is produced in two isoforms: Site-directed and deletion mutagenesis combined with behavioral assays confirm the role of Che A1 in chemotaxis and implicate the TMX domain in mediating changes in cell length.

    Fluorescence microscopy further reveals that the membrane-anchored isoform is distributed around the cell surface while the soluble isoform localizes at the cell poles.

    Together, the data provide a mechanism for the role of Che 1 in controlling multiple unrelated cellular behaviors via acquisition of a new domain in Che A1 and production of distinct functional isoforms. The molecular principles that underlie functional diversification of chemotaxis in various genomic contexts are unknown. Here, we provide a molecular. Che cosa e come conosciamo dal romanzo. La chiesa che si fa presepe: Gli allestitori, appartenenti ad una storica Confraternita locale dedicano settimane a costruire un presepe plastico della Betlemme nella notte di Natale, che mescola icone della tradizione italiana della Natività — alcuni pezzi, ad esempio, sono preziosi manufatti di scuola napoletana — ed elementi naturali tipici della terra delle gravine.

    Questo articolo nasce dalla visita degli autori a Mottola, in occasione della presentazione del libro La Settimana Santa a Mottola, di cui essi sono stati co-autori, e quindi rappresenta il frutto di un nuovo capitolo di lavoro con la viva comunità mottolese ed i suoi riti.

    Abstract — FR Pour l'occasion de Noël, les rues de la villes de Mottola Ta, Italie sont embellies de crèches que les visiteurs peuvent admirer en toute liberté.

    La tradition de la crè che est une tradition très ressentie par les habitants de la petite ville pugliaise, dans laquelle on prépare une grande crè che qui occupe et cache tout le nef de l'église du très Ss.

    Les préparateurs qui appartiennent à une Confrérie historique locale dédient plusieurs semaines pour la construction d'une crè che comme celle de Betleemme de la nuit de Noël - certaines pièces, par exemple, sont de précieux produits manufacturés provenant de l'école napolitaine - et. This internship provided opportunity to gain knowledge, experience, and skills in CHe CS engineering and operations tasks. Various and differing tasks allowed for occasions to work independently, network to get things done, and show leadership abilities.

    Specific exercises included reviewing hardware certification, operations, and documentation within the ongoing Med Kit Redesign MKR project, and learning, writing, and working various common pieces of paperwork used in the engineering and design process.

    Another project focused on the distribution of various pieces of hardware to off-site research facilities with an interest in space flight health care. The main focus of this internship, though, was on a broad and encompassing understanding of the engineering process as time was spent looking at each individual step in a variety of settings and tasks.

    Full Text Available Abstract Analyzing chemical datasets is a challenging task for scientific researchers in the field of chemoinformatics. It is important, yet difficult to understand the relationship between the structure of chemical compounds, their physico-chemical properties, and biological or toxic effects.

    To that respect, visualization tools can help to better comprehend the underlying correlations. Our recently developed 3D molecular viewer Che S-Mapper Chemical Space Mapper divides large datasets into clusters of similar compounds and consequently arranges them in 3D space, such that their spatial proximity reflects their similarity. The user can indirectly determine similarity, by selecting which features to employ in the process.

    The tool can use and calculate different kind of features, like structural fragments as well as quantitative chemical descriptors. These features can be highlighted within Che S-Mapper, which aids the chemist to better understand patterns and regularities and relate the observations to established scientific knowledge. As a final function, the tool can also be used to select and export specific subsets of a given dataset for further analysis.

    Nothing was undertaken at that time. In , the "Jardin de Zébulon", a private bilingual crè che for children aged 1 to 4, was opened by Ariane Boucheron at the Technoparc industrial estate in Saint-Genis Pouilly France.

    The following year, the number of places was increased from 20 to 37 to meet demand. With no let-up in the demand for new crè che places, Ariane Boucher is currently engaged in the construction of a new centre, the "Jardin de Capucine", next-door to the existing crè che. Forty places at the new crè che will Here we show that Che -1 contributes to DNA damage response and that its depletion sensitizes cells to anticancer agents.

    These Che -1 modifications induce a specific recruitment of Che -1 on the TP53 and p21 promoters. Interestingly, it has a profound effect on the basal expression of p53, which is preserved following DNA damage.

    These findings identify a mechanism by which checkpoint kinases regulate responses to DNA damage. The search for evidence of habitability, or of extant or extinct life on Mars, will initially be a search for evidence of past or present conditions supportive of life.

    The three key requirements for the emergence of life are thought to be liquid water; a suitable energy source; and chemical building blocks. The Che Min instrument can provide information that is highly relevant to each of these habitability requirements as summarized below. Using Games To Teach Chemistry. A board game similar to Sorry or Parcheesi was developed.

    Students must answer chemistry questions correctly to move their game piece around the board. As in most board games, the winner is the person who gets his or her piece to the center first.

    The game is currently being used in the laboratory about a month and a half into the General Chemistry course. While one student group works with nomenclature exercises on the computer, the other group plays Che MoVEr using two different card decks. The first deck contains questions on balancing equations and identifying the types of equations. The second contains questions on predicting products from given reactants. The questions are designed to have short answers to keep the game active and interesting.

    Three other decks have been developed and are available for student use throughout the semester; they contain questions on element symbols, polyatomic ions, and inorganic nomenclature. A continuing discussion; Fusione fredda. Un dibattito che prosegue. The origin of the lack of reproducibility of these effects is attributed to the complexity of the phenomena involved.

    The possibility of an experimental approach aiming to remove the static and dynamic structural instabilities of the system in also examined. Vengono inoltre attribuite alla complessita' del fenomeno, le cause principali della non riproducibilita' di questi effetti e si discutono possibili interventi di carattere sperimentale che rimuoverebbero le incertezze strutturali sia statiche sia dinamiche del sistema.

    The radiative association path shows a potential well deep enough to accommodate 20 vibrational levels, and no barrier to oppose the reaction. The present study suggests that the existence of this species has to be searched for mainly in highly irradiated regions. The purpose of this catalog is to provide a detailed description of each piece of hardware in the Crew Health Care System CHe CS , including subpacks associated with the hardware, and to briefly describe the interfaces between the hardware and the ISS.

    Travel as a Ritual toward Transformative Consciousness: This article discusses the development of critical consciousness by examining the biographical-narratives in relationship to the experiential accounts on travel. Biographical narratives are important cultural texts filled with history and cultural nuances. The biography of Ernesto Che Guevara has resonated with readers and viewers from around the…. The Che SS Library.

    We present Che SS, the "Chebyshev Sparse Solvers" library, which has been designed to solve typical problems arising in large-scale electronic structure calculations using localized basis sets. The library is based on a flexible and efficient expansion in terms of Chebyshev polynomials and presently features the calculation of the density matrix, the calculation of matrix powers for arbitrary powers, and the extraction of eigenvalues in a selected interval.

    Che SS is able to exploit the sparsity of the matrices and scales linearly with respect to the number of nonzero entries, making it well-suited for large-scale calculations. The approach is particularly adapted for setups leading to small spectral widths of the involved matrices and outperforms alternative methods in this regime.

    In addition, the approach based on Chebyshev polynomials can be massively parallelized, and Che SS exhibits excellent scaling up to thousands of cores even for relatively small matrix sizes.

    European analytical column No. European analytical column no. Full Text Available Revolucionario, dirigente político, comandante guerrillero, intelectual y médico. Uno de los íconos del siglo XX. Nació en Rosario, Argentina, el 14 de junio de This agreement allows members of the CERN personnel employees and associates access to the crè che , for children aged between 4 months and 4 years, irrespective of where they are living.

    Applications for the school year starting autumn will be accepted from Monday 17 March until Monday 30 June Members of the personnel must complete the enrolment formalities with the Meyrin infant education service themselves: Nutritional status of orang asli che wong tribe adults in krau wildlife reserve, pahang. Twenty-six households, comprising 29 men and 28 women,participated in the study. Dietary diversity was assessed using food frequency questionnaire with 37 food groups. Weight, height and waist circumference were measured using standard instruments.

    The mean age for men and women was The mean dietary diversity score was 9. Autre légume, autres lieux. La mâ che dans le bassin maraîcher nantais. Cet article vise à montrer comment la spécialisation du bassin maraîcher nantais vers la mâ che rend possible une modification de la zone de culture. On pourrait parler ici de la fin du terroir maraîcher au sens agronomique. Ces stratégies territoriales, fortes ve Méthodes de levée de dormance de la noix de cola fraî che Cola Cette étude avait pour objectif de proposer une méthode efficace de germination de la noix de cola fraî che , en vue d'une réduction significative du délai de germination à travers un test comparatif de traitement de la noix par blessure, humidification et chaleur.

    L'étude a été mise en place selon un Small chemical molecules regulate biological processes at the molecular level. Those molecules are often involved in causing or treating pathological states. Automatically identifying such molecules in biomedical text is difficult due to both, the diverse morphology of chemical names and the alternative types of nomenclature that are simultaneously used to describe them.

    To address this challenge we tested various approaches to recognizing chemical entities in biomedical documents. These approaches range from linear Conditional Random Fields CRFs to a combination of CRFs with regular expression and dictionary matching, followed by a post-processing step to tag those chemical names in a corpus of Medline abstracts. We named our best performing systems Che NER. We evaluate the performance of the various approaches using the F-score statistics.

    Higher F-scores indicate better performance. The highest F-score we obtain in identifying unique chemical entities is The highest F-score we obtain in identifying all chemical entities is We also evaluate the F-Score of combining our system with ChemSpot, and find an increase from Che NER presents a valid alternative for automated annotation of chemical entities in biomedical documents.

    In addition, Che NER may be used to derive new features to train newer methods for tagging chemical entities. Che NER can be downloaded from http: The chemotaxis-like Che 1 pathway has an indirect role in adhesive cell properties of Azospirillum brasilense. The Azospirillum brasilense chemotaxis-like Che 1 signal transduction pathway was recently shown to modulate changes in adhesive cell surface properties that, in turn, affect cell-to-cell aggregation and flocculation behaviors rather than flagellar-mediated chemotaxis.

    Attachment to surfaces and root colonization may be functions related to flocculation. Here, the conditions under which A. The nitrogen source available for growth is found to be a major modulator of surface attachment by A. However, Che 1-dependent signaling is shown to contribute indirectly to surface attachment, indicating that distinct mechanisms are likely underlying flocculation and attachment to surfaces in A.

    Published by Blackwell Publishing Ltd. Reconocimiento Mapu- Che de Chile: Tratado ante Constitución, Historia frente a Derecho. Full Text Available Desde el año , el compromiso adquirido por los sucesivos gobiernos chilenos para reconocer a nivel constitucional la presencia indígena en el ordenamiento del Estado ha puesto de manifiesto el desconocimiento académico y jurídico mutuo por parte de Chile con respecto a las evidencias para una reposición de Mapu- Che.

    El presente trabajo hace un recorrido histórico y jurídico por las formas de relación entre el Estado chileno y el Estado Mapu, que hasta la conquista chilena de Mapu en la década de los ochenta del siglo XIX se manifestaron a través de Tratados y Parlamentos que implicaban un reconocimiento mutuo de ambas entidades en una esfera internacional.

    MPV17 codifica per una piccola proteina idrofobica localizzata nella membrana mitocondriale interna con funzione sconosciuta.

    Per cercare di chiarire le basi molecolari che causano la patologia, abbiamo utilizzato il lievito S. Abbiamo dimostrato che la proteina Sym1 è essenziale per La nascita imperfetta delle cose la grande corsa alla particella di Dio e la nuova fisica che cambierà il mondo.

    In quel preciso momento, un centesimo di miliardesimo di secondo dopo il Big Bang, si è deciso il nostro destino. Per questo al Cern di Ginevra è stato realizzato Lhc, l'acceleratore di particelle più potente del mondo, il posto più simile al primo istante di vita dell'universo che l'uomo sia stato in grado di costruire. Per questo da anni i migliori fisici del mondo lavorano giorno The competition is open to everyone from Thursday, 1 February to Thursday, 15 March.

    All participants can send their name suggestions via the form available on the websites of the Staff Association and the Crè che and School. Good luck to all — may the best one win!

    The Rules of the Competition are available on both websites. Full Text Available This work presents the results obtained in carrying out the mass and energy balances in the calcining kiln of the company commander Ernesto Che Guevara, for determining the consumption index of petroleum used for obtaining nickel oxide through thermal decomposition of the basic nickel carbonate. Filosofia, scienza e vita nel pensiero di Georges Canguilhem.

    Questo valore non veritativo risiede forse, per il pensatore francese, in qualcosa che egli definisce come un senso o un concetto iscritto materialmente nella vita. È il vivente stesso, quel vivente di cui la scienza in quanto ricerca della verità è a sua volta una semplice espressione, a contenere il concetto, o meglio, ad essere il movimento stesso della concettualizzazione. Accordingto Georges Canguilhem thereis no truththan the oneyieldedbutnotdiscoveredby science.

    For the Frenchthinker, this no truthfulvaluemaylie in somethinghedefines a sense or conceptmateriallywritten in the life. It's the living phenomenaitself, ofwhich science assearchfor the truthis at sametime a simpleexpression, thatcontains the concept or evenbetter, thatis the movementofconceptualization. Crè che and School of the Staff Association: Find out how children between the ages of two to four and their families can benefit from the Staff Association Crè che and School programme.

    Classes for children aged between two and four years have been set-up to ensure the initial transition from home to school is as smooth as possible.

    The challenge of these classes is to offer the children a happy environment where they can feel emotionally secure, and the teaching staff can create a harmonious atmosphere allowing them to learn by moving, manipulating, exchanging, making mistakes… playing.

    Creativity takes a central role as it enables the child to express him or herself and increase their ability to handle their emotions constructively. Il mondo secondo la fisica quantistica segreti e meraviglie della scienza che sta cambiando la nostra vita. Questo libro è un'avventura esclusiva e affascinante. Un viaggio, anche nel tempo, alla scoperta di qualcosa di nuovo e di straordinario: All'interno del volume vengono ricostruiti passo dopo passo i momenti fondamentali del pensiero quantistico, le questioni su cui si sono interrogati i più grandi scienziati degli ultimi decenni, e i diversi contesti nei quali si sono evoluti i principali modelli della Meccanica Quantistica.

    Sullo sfondo delle ricerche più attuali - come per esempio quella sulle onde gravitazionali che ha portato al Nobel per la Fisica -, vengono indagati anche i rapporti esistenti fra Fisica Quantistica, Relatività Einsteiniana e Teoria delle Stringhe.

    Inoltre, fra i tanti temi trattati nelle sue pagine, trovano spazio persino le incredibili ricadute che gli studi sulla Fisica Quantistica stanno avendo negli ambiti della medicina e delle ricerche sul cervello e s In tre delle isole linguistiche romanze, tutte ubicate in Sicilia, si parlano ancora dialetti galloitalici: Animals, however, also have a nuanced symbolic role that impacts the way people behave with each other by embodying cultural protocols of proper — and not so proper — behaviour.

    They appear repeatedly in storytelling and proverbs to reference qualities that people need to avoid or pursue and learn from the moral of the story in which animals interplay with each other, just as humans do. For example, someone who wants to prevent the consequences of greed is often advised to heed hyena stories and proverbs. My contribution elaborates on Brian Morris's instrumental work in south-central Africa, which has permitted us to elucidate the symbolism of certain animals and the perception of landscape for Indigenous populations in this region.

    A chemotaxis response regulator Che Y3 from V. The crystals of Che Y3 diffracted to 1. Vibrio cholerae is the aetiological agent of the severe diarrhoeal disease cholera. This highly motile organism uses the processes of motility and chemotaxis to travel and colonize the intestinal epithelium.

    In contrast to the single copy of the chemotaxis response-regulator protein Che Y in E. This interaction is the key step that controls flagellar rotation in response to environmental stimuli. Che Y3 has been cloned, overexpressed and purified by Ni—NTA affinity chromatography followed by gel filtration.

    Crystals of Che Y3 were grown in space group R3, with a calculated Matthews coefficient of 2. A Tibetan manuscript with title of Sman - dpyad gces - pa grub - pa kun -' dus - pa in the Collection of Practiced Medical Quintessence , was found in the basement of a Buddhist tower named ' Bum - pa - che in Lhokha Shannan , Tibet.

    Based upon the rule of medieval Chinese system of pronunciation with reference of related texts and studies, a textual research identifies it as a kind of Maren seed of Cannabis sativa L. Although no identical formulae of its kind has been found in extant literature of TCM prior to the Song Dynasty AD , yet its ingredients, pharmaceutical preparation and efficacy are very similar to the Modified maren wan , the variant formulae of Maren wan in Wai tai mi yao Arcane Essentials from the Imperial Library of the Tang Dynasty.

    The Huguenot identity in 19th century music: Meyerbeer die komponis van die opera Les Huguenots, en Mendelssohn, 'n Jood wat 'n "Calvinis" geword het. Meyerbeer vertel in die opera , geanker aan die Lutherse melodie "'n Vaste Burg is onse God" die verhaal van die Bartolomeusnagmoorde. Mendelssohn, 'n bekeerling tot die sg Hugenote-religie, verwoord sy opregte geloof gedurende die jare in die voortreflike musikaleuitdrukkings Sechs Sprü che zum Kirchenjahr Ses Spreuke vir die Kerkjaar wat opgeneem is in die gereformeerde liturgie vir die Brandenburg gemeente.

    Op 'n bepaalde manier vertel albei komponiste ons iets van die Hugenote-identiteit in die negentiende-eeuse musiek. Retóricas del Che muerto: Full Text Available [es] Este trabajo propone comparar el uso de una misma imagen como estrategias de cierre organizadas sobre diferentes materias significantes: Michel Henry e Richard Kearney in dialogo. Although Henry and Kearney both develop a Christian theology rooted in this Husserlian inheritance, their explication of the truths Christianity asserts is strikingly different.

    It is the assertion of this essay that this difference is primarily a textual one; or, to put it another way, it is conditioned first by their scriptural gaze. Bien que Henry et Kearney tous les deux développent une théologie chrétienne enracinée dans cet héritage husserlien, leur explication des vérités affirmées du Christianisme est très différente. Sebbene entrambi sviluppano una "teologia" cristiana radicata in questa eredità husserliana, la loro spiegazione delle verità cristiane è alquanto differente.

    Per noi, la differenza tra essi è di tipo testuale, vale a dire che dipende dall'analisi che essi fanno del testo biblico. Préparation galénique d'une forme sè che d'un antianémique à base Préparation galénique d'une forme sè che d'un antianémique à base d'une plante médicinale camerounaise: Extraction assistée par enzyme du jus de la pulpe fraî che du rônier Extraction assistée par enzyme du jus de la pulpe fraî che du rônier Borassus aethiopum Mart.

    Full Text Available Review of the edited volume: Noi siamo quello che ricordiamo - Le frazze di Crucoli: Il materiale raccolto è frutto di interviste e colloqui con la gente del posto unito ad un grande lavoro di ricerca bibliografica di autori che avevano trattato di questo argomento in relazione ai loro paesi di origine.

    Abstract - FR Cet article prend sa naissance par une recherche sur champ concernant les frazze, terme dialectal qui dénote les farces du Carnaval mises en scène jusqu'à il y a cinquante ans dans plusieurs villages en Calabria, entre eux le mien, Crucoli, dans la province de Crotone. La raison de ce travail n'est pas d'accomplir un compte rendu exhaustif de tout ce qui avait lieu à Crucoli pendant la célébration du Carnaval, l'exploit étant très difficile, du moment qu'aucun document écrit a été parvenu et par conséquence il est nécessaire de se remettre aux contes des témoins interviewés, souvent pas fidèles au réel, parce-que détournés par les.

    A five year study. Full Text Available Introduction and Objectives: The appearance of nosocomial bacterial resistance represents a problem of growing concern because it largely affects the evolution of patients and the health resources devoted to it.

    The objective of this work was to determine the most common germs and their microbial resistance. A descriptive retrospective study was carried out analyzing the result of the isolation of germs from all type of secretions and from the blood cultures of a group ofpatients hospitalized at the Ernesto Che Guevara Cardiology Hospital in a five year period.

    A total of strains were isolated, 77 Staphylococcus aureus and Enterobacteriaceae. The Staphylococcus sensitive to methicillin presented 4. The strains resistant to methicillin or oxacillin had a high resistance to gentamicin The preoperative prophylaxis in these patients must not be done with cefazolin as a routine because the staphylococci resistant to methicillin or oxacillin have influence on other antimicrobials. Development of the full range vange vacuum gauge. The pirani, enning end full range gauges developed during this study had made good characteristics compared with the measured results of customized other gauges, and this results show the possibility of developing the gauges by ourselves in Korea.

    In order to make a competition with the customized gauges of other countries, it is necessary to upgrade several points to have good characteristics over the large range of the pressure. The new effort will be made in developing the full scale gauge in the next year.

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